Altona North Primary has and onsite canteen which is run by our manageress Ms. Maggie Joseski with the assistance of voluntary helpers. Any assistance is greatly appreciated (Food Handling Qualifications are required). Our canteen is open Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. It is open at both morning tea and lunch breaks to enable children to purchase snacks.


Lunch orders should be placed in lunch order containers in the classroom at the beginning of the day. The order should clearly show the child’s name, grade, room number, order and money enclosed. Arrangements for other payments to the canteen should be made by parents.

When we have a special food day that is part of a school program, it will be advertised in the newsletter and special notes for ordering will be sent home.


Any drinks brought from home should be in non-breakable containers. e.g. plastic or aluminium.


Our canteen works with ‘Nutrition Australia’ to ensure that a healthy menu is always available to students.


Canteen Price List March 2017