Murray To Moyne Cycle Relay

The Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay is a well-established fundraising event for health related organisations. This ride has been going each year for the past 30+ years. In 2019 there will be 1700 riders participate in the ride leaving from three destinations: Echuca, Swan Hill and Mildura. The ride covers 520 km within 24 hours through the country towns of Victoria and raises money through sponsorship to assist schools and organisations to care for a range of health related issues.

In April 2019 a team of adult riders for Altona North Primary School will be taking part in the Murray to Moyne Cycle Relay to raise money for Student Welfare and Health and Wellbeing. We endorse that all children have the right to learn and to be their best throughout life and Altona North PS is “where the journey begins”. We have a diverse community culture and an extensive welfare system across the school.

Team 101, consisting of 8 riders and 4 crew, will be supporting the Welfare Department at Altona North Primary School to raise money for resources to cater for children with special needs, social, emotional and wellbeing issues and to engage all students in their learning and to give them the best opportunities in life.

2019 will be the 6th year the Altona North Primary School Team has participated in this ride and the funds raised allow us to give all students within our school the opportunity to participate in events that develop resilience, a sense of achievement, leadership and respect in a multi-cultural and socially diverse community. The funds have also allowed us to provide opportunities for students to attend camps, swimming lessons, excursions, bike education and a host of extra curricula experiences which they would otherwise be deprived of taking part in. M2M allows us to provide clothing and food hampers to homeless and families facing difficulties. We support our community both inside and outside of the classroom.

On the 6th & 7th of April the team will ride from the Murray River in Echuca to the Moyne River in Port Fairy (520 km) over a 24 hour period to raise much needed money to support our children. Our riders and crew are a dedicated group of people from various backgrounds who are ready to take on the challenge of riding day and night to assist in providing valuable resources to the welfare of children at Altona North Primary School.

I am writing to you to seek sponsorship support for this valuable cause. The team would be keen to ride proudly brandishing your company logo on our bus or even riders (if that were possible) at the same time promoting your business. We believe that this would improve our capacity to draw attention from the media and also attract other sponsors to the cause.

If you believe this is a possibility or would like to meet to discuss additional sponsorship arrangements we could set a time to discuss options.

Many thanks for considering this request.

Yours sincerely.



Robyn Gregson