Wakakirri - National Story Telling Competition

Wakakirri is a national competition that allows students to engage in the art of storytelling through acting, interpretive movement and dance. At ANPS, students in our 3/4 Unit participate in this challenge. 


Wakakirri being apart of our curriculum, we believe, provides our students with the invaluable and early opportunity to perform infront of hundreds of people and develop the according performance, collaborative and public speaking skills. Students increase their communication and collaboration skills when rehearsing and creating a story to perform, are given the chance to appear in a positive and non-competitive space and develop their self-esteem. In addition, Wakakirri has a central aim of increasing sustainable practices and preserving our environment. As a result, student feelings of connectedness with the environment are developed during their creating of sustainable props and sets.


Check out the Wakakirri website for more information.