School Profile


Altona North Primary School provides a teaching and learning environment that engages, inspires and challenges students, staff, families and the wider community to be "the best they can be" socially, emotionally and academically. Altona North Primary School nurtures and supports all students in becoming innovative, resilient, lifelong learners who make positive contributions to local and global communities.


Our vision is about students, staff, families and the community working cooperatively together to develop positive attitudes, skills and the ability to confidently meet life's challenges.


RESPECT, EXCELLENCE, ACCEPTANCE, COMMUNITY and HONESTY are the core values of our school. These values govern how all members of the school community conduct themselves on a daily basis.


Altona North Primary School is located in a residential suburb of the City of Hobson's Bay that borders a main industrial area. It was established in 1965 and has continued educating the local community for over 50 years. We have seen many changes in the local area and ANPS prides itself on the rapport it has developed with our local community.


At ANPS we cater for a diverse range of cultures through close community relationships, strong differential curriculum and a holistic approach to each student’s social/ emotional welfare and learning.


The students are organised into an appropriate grade structure, determined with reference to Victorian Curriculum levels, school needs and student enrolments. This structure is reviewed annually. 


A comprehensive curriculum is provided encompassing all areas of the Victorian Curriculum. The school has adopted an inquiry learning model using an integrated approach to curriculum planning and delivery supported by timetabled provision for Unit Team Planning. Specialist programs are provided in Visual Arts, Performing Arts and Music and Physical Education. ICT is integrated across all curriculum areas. All staff are coached /mentored in curriculum development and teaching to ensure all students are receiving the very best in student learning. 


We constantly ensure safety as a priority for all students whilst they enjoy the security of a safe and collaborative culture.




              Principal                                              Assistant Principal                            Leading Teacher/Welfare                            Leading Teacher                                       Leading Teacher



            Robyn Gregson                                              Lee Blunt                                            Vanessa Shiels                                             Wal Raghdo                                                 Leah Stork