Performing Arts


Students at Altona North Primary School are encouraged to participate in a range of Performing Arts classes. The aim of the program is to enrich students’ lives by giving them creative and artistic experiences, allowing them to gain an understanding and appreciation of Drama, Dance and Music. 



In Term 1, students learn how to play a range of instruments such as the ukulele, recorder, keyboard and a range of percussions instruments. They explore how to create music using their body and collaborate with their peers to create a body percussion routine. Students also explore vocal possibilities and participate in workshops involving singing, beatboxing and scatting. Students work together to compose their own music and learn song writing techniques to generate their own lyrics.  



In Term 2, students learn about the art of acting. Students undertake a series of workshops and learn how to use their expressive skills such as voice, facial expressions, movement and gesture to portray different characters. They explore theatre styles such as Comedy and Realism and implement specific elements of each style in their performances. Students collaborate with their peers to plan, create, rehearse and perform works with a strong focus on presenting a clear narrative structure within the performance.



In Terms 3 and 4, students learn how to dance. They explore multiple ways of moving using the elements of dance; time, space and energy. Students learn about different dance styles such as Contemporary, Hip Hop, Musical Theatre and Jazz. They discuss and explore their cultural influences, history and origins. All students participate in the End of Year Concert and perform a class dance to their peers and parents in full costume.


Extension Programs – Choir, Dance Crew, Drama Group, Instrumental Band


The Performing Arts Department at Altona North Primary School also offers extension programs for gifted students, within the area of Performing Arts, who wish to extend their learning. All students have the opportunity to audition for the school choir, dance crew, drama group and instrumental band.

Selected students are given the opportunity to perform for the local community at events such as Hobson’s Voice, Maths and Science Night, Education Week, school assemblies and at the Florence Aged Care Facility.