Physical Education

Physical Education is one of the three specialist programs taught at Altona North Primary School. All grades spend one hour a week participating in physical activity, playing games, and developing their skills and knowledge of different sports.


In Years P-2 there is an emphasis on hands-on, and non-competitive games and activities aimed at building the students fundamental motor skills and teamwork skills. The fundamental motor skills include catch, kick, run, throw, bounce, leap, dodge, punt, forehand strike and two-handed side-arm strike.


Students in Year 3/4 also spend time revisiting the fundamental motor skills, but they also begin to look at modified sports. Examples of modified sports include Badminton, Hot Shots Tennis, Basketball, Football and Soccer.


In Year 5/6 there is a heavy emphasis on sport and teamwork. This includes gaining an understanding of the rules, tactics, equipment and mechanics involved when playing different individual and team sports.

Students across the school are also provided with other learning opportunities within the Physical Education Curriculum.  These include:

  • Prep – Grade 4 nine-day intensive learn to swim program
  • Grade 5/6 Beach Program
  • Whole school house sports carnival
  • Grade 5/6 Summer and Winter Inter School Sport
  • District Athletics Carnival (Grade 3 – 6)
  • District Cross Country (Grade 3 – 6)
  • District Swimming Carnival (Grade 3 – 6)