School Policies



The school has drawn up a very comprehensive Welfare Policy and some sections of it are included here.
Eight basic rights accorded to all members of the Altona North Primary School Community.


1. Right of Safety

Everyone has the right to be and feel safe whilst at school and when going to and from school.


2. Right to Respect

Everyone has the right to be treated with respect, consideration and courtesy.


3. Right to learn, work and play

Everyone has the right to learn, work and play in a happy, stimulating and supportive environment.


4. Right to Individuality

Everyone has the right to learn about himself or herself, to be given the opportunity to develop to his or her full potential and to be accepted as  an individual whilst respecting the rights of others.


5. Right to fair play

Everyone has the right to be treated fairly.


6. Right to equal opportunity

Everyone has the right to equal opportunity.


7. Property rights

Everyone has the right to the protection of his or her own property and conversely the property of others should be respected.


8. Right to consultation

Everyone has the right to contribute to and be heard in the decision-making process where it is deemed appropriate and applicable by those concerned.





1. Preventive Level

It encompasses all those strategies, teaching techniques and organisational provisions which maintain on-task behaviour and prevent misbehaviour.


2. Short Term Level

This is the immediate response to the disruption: it is aimed at dealing positively and effectively to resolve conflict and re-establishing social order.


3. Long Term Level

This is a plan of action to develop positive desirable behaviours, to achieve the long term behavioural objectives as described in the school aims.

The Welfare Policy aims through discussion and counselling to bring about self discipline by the individual and thus to ensure that the eight basic rights of all in the school community are maintained.

For serious breeches of school rules and policies, certain consequences apply. The consequences applied will depend on a number of factors some of which would be circumstances the offence, age of offender(s), seriousness of the offence and whether it is a first or repeated offence.

Record keeping is integral at all stages of this process.