To ensure the safety of the children and adults when arriving in the morning and leaving in the afternoon:

Please do not drive cars into the school grounds.

Observe all parking rules and signs.

Encourage your children to use the school crossings.

Let children exit vehicles on the footpath side of the car.


The playground is supervised by teachers before school from 8.30am, during morning recess, during the lunch break and after school until 3.30pm. Children should not arrive at school before 8.30am unless they are going to the Before School Care Program.

Children are not permitted to leave the school grounds at lunch time (unless you have contacted the office personally or in writing) as everything for lunch is available at the Canteen.



If you wish your child to leave early, it is necessary for you to obtain a signed release form from the office. We do not permit any child to leave the school at any time (other than dismissal) unless we have written permission.



School Bank Day is Tuesday. Passbooks are collected in class folders and processed by Office staff, this earns a commission for the school. New account forms are given to Preps early in the year and are also available to any child wishing to open an account . Read More



Students who ride bicycles to school do so at their own risk. For safety reasons, bicycles are not ridden in the school grounds. Riders must walk their bicycles once they enter one of the gates. Bikes are chained in the enclosed area. By law, all riders must wear helmets.

Bike Policy



To help you with the decision of which High School to send your child, ANPS has compiled a list of high schools in our Local Area.